Christ the King Lutheran Church is located at 

325 SW 6th Avenue in Milton-Freewater, Oregon 97862. 

Phone: (541) 938-5889


Beginning on Sunday, October 11, at 10:00, we will worship inside the sanctuary!

We will be social distancing.  Plan to wear masks.

Communion will be served.

We look forward to seeing each other and to worshiping our Lord together!

If you feel uncomfortable coming, please know you are in our prayers!


Picture of lawn worship service held August 30, 2020.  23 people attended. 
Hope to see you next week!
Please understand that the church still has bills to pay during this time of closure.

Offerings  can be mailed or dropped off at the church. 

Our Treasurer, Tina Kain, will continue to take care of the churches financial obligations.  Thank You!

We have been let loose on the World, our Community, and in our lives by God Almighty to:

Be disciples of our risen Lord Jesus.
Proclaim the saving love of Christ.
 Join together in worship, fellowship, and learning.

 So that we may shine the light of the Holy Spirit on all of God’s creation.

We are Christ The King Lutheran Church. 

A Community of Spirit, A Fellowship of Joy!